The Rainbow tower is fun and educational.
It is designed for young children and will help them develop their concentration as well as their motor skills thanks to the brightly colored rings that will attract their attention.

- Develop his sense of organization and arrangement
- Stack big colorful pieces
- Inverse the order of the parts and put them back
- Rearrange the colors and the shades
- Learn while playing
- Play with others and share
- 100% wood and 100% eco-friendly
- Perfect for children ages 1 to 5

🌲 100% WOOD
✅ CE Certified from 12 months

⭐⭐⭐ The Rainbow Tower: The classic toy for children ages 1 to 6, resistant and eco-friendly ⭐⭐⭐

✅ "Encourages shape sorting, organization and logic"

- Discover colors and play with them
- A safe toy with smooth textures and a central pole that can be folded
- A fun and educative toy
- The ideal toy to develop his eye-hand coordination
- Countless ways to play with it

- An essential tool to improve his concentration
- Develop his patience and refine his movements
- A resistant toy: Good for nature and good for your kids
- Your little one will learn to stack and arrange the shapes
- Your little one will spend hours playing with it thanks to the countless ways he can use this toy


🖐 Improve his skills: Our Rainbow tower has circles of different sizes, your child will have fun stacking them which will help him improve his coordination and body language

👋 Enhance his motor skills: Making exercises such as stacking circles of different sizes and colors will help your child improve his motor skills and his hand-eye coordination

😃 Boost his Creativity: The countless ways he can use this toy will allow your child to enhance his curiosity and boost his creativity

🤔 Improve his concentration: Your child will spend hours stacking and changing the order of the circles and colors and without realizing it, he will improve his attention span

🤩 Learn while playing: There is no learning without fun. This Rainbow Tower has therefore been designed to learn and have fun at the same time. Learning becomes a game!

💁 Develop his autonomy: By learning to play on his own and building his own scenarios, your little one will improve his autonomy, concentration, and imagination

- 100% Safe: 100% Compliance with the European requirements of the Toy Safety Directive. Sizes and shapes of parts comply with official safety templates

- 100% Eco-friendly : 100% Wood and 100% Natural. Ecological water-based paint & varnish

- 100% High Quality: Neat finishes. High-quality materials

- 100% Stimulating: Designed for the fine motor skills development of children. Fun and Entertaining

📐 Dimensions : 8 x 8 x 19 centimeters

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