Car Air purifier

Car Air purifier

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Product Description

The Element Purifier 2.0 is a powerful odor eliminator. Smoke, mold, food, pets, sports gear, and children stinking up your vehicle? Well, this portable purifier's pet-safe ozone technology quickly destroys persistent car interior odors and kills bacteria and viruses by generating safe levels of ozone – leaving zero residual smell. removing allergens, pollen, and other triggers. It works because it emits negative ions that attach themselves to dust, pollen, smoke, dander, and other common airborne particles so they drop from the air – far more effectively than standard car air fresheners.

It's also a portable charger. Charge 2 USB devices at once, with powerful, rapid charging 2.1 amp USB charger ports with 2 channel technology that infuses maximum juice to your iPhone or Android phones and tablets.

Product Details
  • Color: Silver 
  • Materials: Aluminum, Silver
  • Measurements:1.25" Diameter x 3.75"L
  • OriginImported

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