Nordic Walking Poles

Nordic Walking Poles

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  •  Nordic walking combines cardiovascular exercise with a vigorous muscle workout for your shoulders, arms, core, and legs. When you walk without poles, you activate muscles below the waist. When you add Nordic poles, you activate all of the muscles of the upper body as well.
  •    Lots of evidence confirms that Nordic walking burns more calories than regular walking-estimates range from an increase of 18% to 67% more.
  •    Nordic walking is also associated with reductions in fat mass, "bad" LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and waist circumference, and increases in "good" HDL cholesterol, endurance, muscle strength and flexibility, walking distance, cardiovascular fitness, and quality of life.
  •     Plus, Nordic walking is fun. It can be a great social activity if you join one of the Nordic walking clubs popping up across the country. To find one near you, search the Internet or contact your local parks and recreation department.

 We truly believe that these are the perfect poles to accompany you out on the trail, these trekking poles give you lightweight adjustability with great value for money. 

Sold as: PAIR !!

Number of trekking poles: 3 knots 

Strut material: aluminum alloy

Length: 135/65 cm

Sports outdoor projects: hiking

Handle material: rubber

Rod tip material: carbon tungsten steel

Whether with a suspension system: Yes

Style: Straight grip

Is there a wristband: Yes

Can be used regardless of the season: YES, YES, YES!!

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