Smart Garden for indoors, grow your own herbs and vegetables
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Smart Garden :Give Your Helping Hands.

Smart Garden Planter is an innovative indoor garden that takes care of itself and grows fresh and delicious herbs, fruits and vegetables for you.

Smart Garden : planters for indoor plants 

Smart Garden Allows you to Experience all the benefits of having your own garden, no matter where you live. The smart indoor garden works just like a capsule coffee machine, but for plants. So you could enjoy homegrown food all year.

🌱 The Smart Garden Grow  has Full Spectrum 35 Watt LED  Grow Lights to maximize photosynthesis

The Smart Garden has Adopted 35 Watt Drove lights which can reenact the sunlight throughout the entire year indoors, permit the plants to enjoy the light in any weather. As an involved germination kit, it is additionally an incredible present for kids, assisting them to experience the gardening fun at home with family members.

🌱 Smart LED Control :(Vegetable mode&flower mode:6 hours on/8 hours off )

The hydroponics growing system that Our New Smart Garden has supports 2 grow light modes, vegetable mode, and flower mode. When you choose the Veg mode, the system will turn on the red, blue and white LED light, and when you choose the flower mode,the system will turn on the red and white LED light. In both modes, the LED lights will stay lit for 16 hours and sleep for 8 hours, then repeat the working cycle day by day, you don’t need to turn on/off the light on time manually with this smart control function.

Smart Garden


 🌱 With Our New Smart Garden Get Excellent Water Circulation: (Growing 20% faster than soil gardening)
The Smart Garden new Generation Equipped with a water pump, increases the speed of water circulation and provides more oxygen for the plants. The water pump can massively speed up the growth rate of most plants with nutrient solutions, it’s not surprising if a plant grows 20% faster than soil gardening.

 🌱 340mm/13.38inch Adjustable Height:

The height of the LED light panel  in our Smart Garden can  be adjusted according to different growth stages of the plants,
you can lower the LED panel during the seedling period and lift the panel when the plants grow taller, ensure the plants always enjoy the light efficiently.

indoor Smart Garden

🌱 4.5L Large Tank&Visible Water Level:(Only need to add 1 time of water per 2 weeks and enjoy its indoor growing, save more time for you)
The Smart Garden new generation comes with a 4.5L water tank, 2 kinds of solid nutrients, 6 sponges, and 6 baskets supports 6 plants at a time, creates high yields in your house. If the system is in water shortage, you will easily find it with the water scale, please replenish water in time to ensure the water needed by the plants.

🌱 The Smart Garden Grow Designed for indoor no-soil cultivation
Smart Garden kit for home gardening is specially designed for indoor no-soil cultivation. It is a healthy alternative that can be used in any home. Save yourself the hassle and mess of growing indoors with soil.

Our Smart Garden Package will Contents:

  • Note:
    This product does not contain plants.
    Package Included:
    1 x Indoor Plant Hydroponics Grow light
    1X Water Tank (Including water pump)
    6X Plant Baskets
    6X Plant Sponges
    A+B Nutrient Fertilizer
    1X Power Cord
    1X User Manual Note: The plant seed is not included


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